Bank Note And Currency Management

One Week £ 1,900 | Two Week £3,500 | One Week ₦ 100,500


No central bank function is more visible than currency management. A currency’s integrity and efficient supply are unequivocal everyday indicators of a well-functioning central bank. In the eyes of the public, this integral central bank function should be efficient, meet demand and present minimal issues which may damage the reputation of their respective country. Our seminar will address these fundamentals with comprehensive sessions and discussion will focus on key challenges and functions.

This course has been designed to assist central banks in taking a strategic approach to their currency management. This requires first of all an understanding of the currency life-cycle and subsequently a hard-headed analysis of the extent to which other stakeholders can take on more functions.

  • A Strategic View of Currency Management
  • The Banknote Life-Cycle, Risk Management & Public Engagement
    • Introduction: the currency life-cycle
    • New challenges in currency management
    • Contingency and interruption planning
    • Talking money: the public and banknotes
  • Demand Forecasting, Fitness Standards, Sorting and Distribution
    • Forecasting the demand for banknotes
    • Fitness standards and key aspects of note sorting and processing
    • Distributing cash from multiple vaults and locations
    • Value for money: working with external suppliers
  • New Directions in Banknote Design
    • Banknote designs: comparison and appraisal
    • Case study: The success of Bermuda’s $2 Note
  • Safeguarding value
    • Security features against counterfeiting
  • Design and Production
  • Distribution, Processing and Destruction
  • Research and Development

  • Distribute adequate notes and coins
  • Maintain quality of notes in circulation
  • Withdraw unfit notes from circulation & destroy them
  • Keep up well secured processes
  • How to Implement a Risk-Based Framework