Taught MSc and DL MBA Master's Programme

Taught MSc and MBA DL Master's Programme

Register for BTEC Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership Skills and Top-Up with 

MSc or MBA degree

Specific UoE BTEC Professional Certifications can be used to gain a Master's degree. Open to graduates, or those with equivalent experience, the MSc in Management, Accountancy, HR from TEESSIDE University could be earned in the workplace and allows you to integrate your study and career.

How to Earn Your MSc

The timing of your study is flexible, enabling you to take your UoE Courses when convenient and attend your choice of three university weeks when you are ready.

The MSc Top-Up part of the programme will be administered by the Faculty of Management and Finance at TEESSIDE University, which operates under the Master's Credits scheme. The scheme allows you to earn credits for successful completion of learning and for appropriate assignments in your chosen field.

These assignments can be work-based (i.e., carried out in your normal workplace, as part of your job function). Plus, under the Master's Credits scheme you may transfer your credits to most UK universities but you are encourage to consider TEESSIDE University for your Top-Up.

You need 180 Master's Credits to gain your Master's degree—an MSc in Management—which you can earn in three easy-to-manage steps.

Phase 1: Postgraduate Certificate

60 Master's Credits

Complete one UoE BTEC Professional Certification Programme under the Master's Credits scheme.

To earn a certification, you must complete four UoE BTEC Courses and their associated internal verification successfully.

Complete one week of intensive study at either University recommended client site in which you will initiate and prepare your assignment based on your completed certification programme. During the following months, you will complete the project with support from a university tutor who will assess your final assignment submission deliverables.

Phase 2: Postgraduate Diploma

    60 Master's Credits

For this phase, you will complete a second eligible UoE Professional Certification Programme covering four different courses from those taken in the Postgraduate Certificate. You will also complete the associated assignment through UoE to complete your BTEC L 7

Phase 3: MSc in Management

    60 Master's Credits

Complete a Master's Project based on your assigned projects at work or a closely related project. You will negotiate a project proposal with your university tutor who will supervise and assess your report and deliverables in conjunction with a second, independent assessor.

This Programme Enables You To...

    Extend your professional skills and knowledge and apply them to leading-edge applications
    Integrate your study and career to attain Master's Programme milestones at your own pace
    Work on projects in your own work environment under the guidance of a leading expert in your field
    Demonstrate your abilities as a leading authority of your chosen technology
    Gain a universally recognised academic qualification that is directly related to your professional activities

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