Research Collaboration

UOE is keen to collaborate with faculty members from other institutions on joint research projects. The Centre has a dedicated research team working on a number of research themes including 'Understanding Individuals Culturally and how to develop the spirit of Entrepreneurship' and 'Entrepreneurship Education in emerging economies'. UOE is also collaborating with key faculty at the Asia Metropolitan University and other, international universities on specific projects.

What you may expect

UOE can provide dedicated advice and support for academics joining on a three to six month sabbatical basis. This includes office facilities with desk space and covers basic office costs such as copying, printing, library access. However, we are unable to provide secretarial or research assistant support. In return for your commitment, we can offer access to a vibrant entrepreneurial community in Nigeria and other African region as well as introductions to most universities in Africa and wider University academic communities.

How to apply

If you are interested in collaborating with the Centre through a sabbatical arrangement or in any other form, please submit a proposed research project with a clearly laid out plan leading to a co-authored paper in a respected journal. This needs to be accompanied by a full CV. Please note that we are only able to accept two visiting professor or researcher at a time.

Find out more

Visit our International Collaboration Opportunities webpage and/or contact Dr Larry Jones-Esan to find out more.