The Art of Running a Business in the 21st Century

This is our premier entrepreneurial course designed for entrepreneurs and their management team.

The Art of Running a Business is a multi-dimensional course designed to take you, your management team and your business from where you are to where you want to be.

The Art of Running a Business is a 25 hour program beginning with a one full day workshop given in small groups of entrepreneurs. The one day workshop is followed with 3 months of individual one-on-one executive coaching and individual entreprenuerial consulting for your business to insure that what you learn is actually put in place in your business and you actually create Extraordinary Business Results...

This complete 25 hour program is normally priced at £1,000 per person. For a limited time this program is available for £300 per person

This course is designed to and will have immediate impact on your business.

Topics covered include the following:

    • Learn how to set measurable business goals.
    • Given your measurable business objectives, install custom tailored entrepreneurial business systems with tools and processes that, given your specific business model, allow you to operate your business most effectively in your competitive environment and achieve Extraordinary Business Results.
    • Analyze your specific business model and learn how to make more effective business decisions, measurably increase your revenues, profits and your competitive advantage, while stopping wasteful spending.
    • Learn how to use the financial and operating information of your Company to achieve Extraordinary Business Results.
    • Learn how to solve business problems and achieve business results that are beyond where you have been stopped in the past.
    • In a lively and entertaining interactive process learn management and leadership styles that produce extraordinary business results.
  • Learn to establish leadership and management tools and structures that allow you to continually achieve your business goals.
  • A practical work based school, staffed by experienced entrepreneurs dedicated to your success as
  • UOE provides extensive business management training on best practices for performance management...
  • Undergraduate courses with University of London (external programme) available in Dubai and Nigeria.
  • The FUTURE IMPACT 2020 will select 12 individuals with management experience from within an