The Future Impact 2020

The FUTURE IMPACT2020 will select 12 individuals with management experience from within an industry to undertake a postgraduate level study programme in strategic management and leadership skills, with all assignments geared around their work environment.

Fred Okongo, managing director of Top Mind Mobile, said, ‘The concept was initially born out of London Academy Business School ‘The next generation of Leaders’ management initiative that was introduced last year in Nigeria and the feedback received from participants. When LABS told me about the potential for a postgraduate programme that can be undertaken within a company which is called Work-Based education we quickly developed the idea of creating a scholarship scheme for the industry and we are delighted to have quickly gained the support of other additional founder partners: FUNAAB, PTDF, SMEDAN and NSITF.

‘Our joint goal is to create a strong platform in Nigeria and the rest of Africa from which to prepare the industry for ongoing challenges of under-development, infrastructural issues in Africa, opportunities and change. We firmly believe that sound managerial skills are vital to address these issues and to secure the health and sustainability of our industries, and by investing in young minds now we can develop the leaders of the future.

‘We recognise that a large proportion of the industry is made up of committed, intelligent individuals, many of whom have worked their way up the career ladder to management positions. By providing a cost- and time-effective route to a postgraduate level qualification, we believe these individuals can gain the confidence, status and formal qualifications suitable for their current positions and will enable their further career progression.’

Each of the supporting organisations and companies is funding a minimum of one scholarship place on the programme to a qualifying industry individual. The academy gets underway in April 2013 more funders are welcome to give a potential leader an opportunity to realize their dream and future goals.

About the Program

The 18 months programme will be directed by management and leadership specialist, Linda-Lee Davies MBA PGCTHE, CEO of the London Academy Business School, and offers students the opportunity to gain an Edexcel level 7 postgraduate certificate in year one, followed by the postgraduate diploma on completion of year two. Students are then eligible to progress to a Master’s degree at a number of UK universities including our partner TEESSIDE University.

The programme, which is sub-divided into modules such as strategic marketing management, managing financial principles and techniques, and strategic change management, will require participants to commit to three to six external study days per year along with weekly study out of work hours. Remote support will be available from Linda and her team via email and designated telephone surgeries as well as via a closed LinkedIn study group

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  • The FUTURE IMPACT 2020 will select 12 individuals with management experience from within an